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tonight on kron 4 news the budget falls on california public services. >> we have big cuts. >> colleges and public cuts taking a big hit, san jose forced to had and we are not getting anything back. >> in oakland. >> unity by the employees. >> police and firefighters join others in helping the city keep services going. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. just hours before the midnight deadline for the start of the new fiscal years, they put the wrap on a bucity budget. sun sessions made a huge
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difference, kron 4's dan kerman has details. >> reporter: the city counsel met to debate two proposeles to close a $58 million budget gap and a $76 million deficit the next year. while jobs and programs will be slashed it will naught be as bad as originally thought because unions agreed to concessions. both factions on the counsel agreed to restore libraries, fire stations as well as gardeners and tree trimmers. >> with a tie, jean quan has the tie breaking vote that passed the budget tonight. >> 67 police police officers layoffed in san jose today. with the city $15 million in the red there was no other choice. this was the scene that union
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hall today. emotions were running high as the officers turned in their budges. the lay off went forward even though the union agreed to a pay cut. the lay offs could not have come with a worst time with homicides and gang violence on the ride in san jose. >> word on the street from our every day encounters with the gang members and the citizens is that crime will go up, they know we are getting layed off. and the homicide rate already at 50% more than 2010, it will double because we got six more months left in the year. >> they should have the city's interest at heart and they are more concerned about their political careers. they better own it when the summer gets violent. >> some contact i have had with
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gang members while i am working is they say, you know, come july 1 you guys aren't going to be aren't here, aren't you getting layed off? it's scaring knowing they know that. they are well aware of the fact police police officers are getting laid off. >> about 100 uniformed officers, many of them on duty turned out to bid fair well to their colleagues. one officer was heard to say, you deserve better. the golden gate ferry is suspending service tomorrow, the larkspur landing terminal will be closed. the workers are threatening to go out on strike. workers may hit the picket lines because they are worried about losing their jobs. the gates that golden gate bridge ferry terminal will
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remain closed friday after word leaked out the inland boatmen's union, or ibu, may strike from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. inland boatmen's union director says these booths are closing on july 8 and workers are upset they are being moved into new positions that are not comparable to their old jobs. >> we have 16 ticket agents, some are transferred into other jobs. one of their ideas is a comparable position is being out on the bridge being a safety person. that really isn't what we would call comparable. >> reporter: suspending ferry service will effect 5,000 riders. golden gate district spokesperson says if there is a strike other union workers won't cross the picket line. 7 positions are being
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eliminated. >> we have been that negotiating table with the union for the last few months in good faith and we are surprised at this action. their contract expires at midnight. >> reducing our staff because there are technologies there more effective, we could use them like vending machines. we would do everything we can to place them in other positions. >> bus rides will be available for those caught off guard. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. in news around the bay a man shot and killed by police yesterday has been identified. police say he walked into a senior center carrying a gun. he eventually left on a bike but police caught up with him
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and that's when he was sought. 18-21 robots risk ud from a lake merritt home are ready for adoption. they were pound packed inside cages with no food or water. due to the living conditions many lost hair and three were deformed. authorities believe the owner was raising the bunnies for food. amtrak is suing a nevada trucking company for last week's crash. sixty six people were killed and 20 were injured. the lawsuit blames the employer for being negligent saying the driver wasn't properly trained. amtrak stufferred $10 million in damage. warmer this afternoon and that will continue into the weekend. high temperatures from today,
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70s and 80s. 82 in redwood city. 82 in santa rosa. temperatures up 5-15 degrees over yesterday. here is a look that change over the past day. 15 degrees warmer in livermore. 14 in redwood city and 13 in san raff el. this is just the start of the warming trend. we will be back after this break. i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of:
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in national news tonight a security breach is raising questions about the safety of air travel tonight. after a man from nigeria used an expired boarding pass in someone else's name to fly. he attempted to fly from los angeles to atlanta. the man is charged as a stow away. agents say there is no evidence he is a terrorist. there was a fair well
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ceremony today for defense secretary robert gates. the president surprised him with ahmed of freedom. the highest award a president can give a civilian. gates over saw two wars and served under george w. bush and president obama. massive wildfire charged more than 92,000 acres in new mexico. firefighters have been battling the blaze since sunday. 10,000 people have been evacuated. firefighters in new mexico say they are comfort they have stopped the fire's advance towards the nuclear calculate. prosecutors started their rebuttal in the trial of casey anthony. she is charged with killing her daughter caylee anthony three years ago. closing arguments are expected on saturday and then the jury
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. the state budget was signed by governor jerry brown today. the spending plan passed without republican support. this is one of the few budgets to be passed on time. in year's past lawmakers gone months beyond the start of the year. last year ended in october. and governor jerry brown signed a bill tibula that requires online retailers to collect sales taxes. today amazon
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. court said there is a big difference between the parent company and we are not going to
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let you do that. same thing will happen again. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> all restaurant employees in california will be required to have a food handler card. employees like these will need one starting tomorrow and new hires have up to 30 days. we explain what this means for customers. >> how is everything? >> reporter: she has been serving at this restaurant for the past two years. she now needs a food handler card. it's a test that is required by california law. it ensures employees are up to speed. customers can dine knowing their waiters and bartenders understand proper safe handling for food. seems like common sense but now it's mandatory.
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employees will be required to paid for this card. it's good for three years. managers say they have no plans to pass on these fees to customers because employees will be paying for it. >> i think it's a good idea and $10 isn't that expensive. >> reporter: the law goes into effect july 1. kron 4 news. 5-15 degrees warmer this afternoon and it continues through the weekend. here is a look at our weekend. tomorrow with fog long the coast line but that clears out. temperatures reaching into the 90s inland. warming more into saturday and sunday. and that's when we see temperatures nearing the triple digit marks. let's get a look at temperatures tomorrow. equilibrium in santa rosa. 69 in san francisco.
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90s in concord. also in fairfield and antioch. 93 in antioch. 90s in the south bay. 90 morgan hill and 65 long the coast. now that warm weather will stick into your fourth of july monday. fireworks forecast for san francisco, temperatures are nice and mild at 9:00 when the fireworks start. 62 degrees temperatures here and also warm down in the south bay. east bay and north bay we will see other shows as well. seven-day forecast, the warming friend through the weekend. sunday into monday. cools down a little bit but still on the warmer side. for the rest of next week temperatures slide, thursday will be more comfortable ennland. the a's and the giants come right down to the wire. gary has highlights and it is
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official nba owners locked out the players. gary breaks down what all of this means, he is next.
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. all right. good evening, everybody. talk about beyond the call of duty. mark ellis gets traded to the colorado rockies today and goes down stairs and participates in the root beer float day. no man played more games than mark ellis 1,021. hitting .213 this season, been injured. bruce billings said i will get you out of the american league, i will trade you to the colorado rockies where he will start at second base. >> stuff day for me, been here as long as i have, having a relationship with bruce billings and everybody here. great organization. been proud to be a part of it
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for 10 years. it will be tough. but there is a time when this stuff happens and this is my time. >> all right. lot of folks will miss mark ellis. trevor cahill found himself in a hole here. doubling home a couple of runs and the a's come back here in the bottom of the 9th. suzuki goes deep. 5-4. weeks doesn't have to look over his shoulder, he is out to end the game. a's 10 games under .500. giants a tough one today, man cane got his 1,000th career strikeout. 7 shut out innings. giants didn't get a for 10 innings. they can win here.
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bottom 9, brian wilson gives up a home run. we go extra. 10 and a third innings without a hit. and then sandoval erases that with a home run. 2-1 giants in the 13th. wilson is already out and you know, mumare ez, no, he gives up a hit to tie the game and a 3-run home runner. 5-2. they are in detroit tomorrow. dodgers checks bounced. one of the proudest franchises in history. frank mccourt is trying to hang in there. he borrowed $60 million but some employees checks bounce. the dodgers said we will cover what bounced. it was a mistake and we will
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cover any fees related to having employees having their checks bounced. it's here. the nba is lucked out ladies and gentlemen. 90 -- locked out, ladies and gentlemen. 9:01 pacific time. they can't enter the team facilities. if you talk to a player your team management guy you will be fined a million dollars. >> without anyway diminishing the contributions the players make it's time for there to be a return on the investment that is being made. >> all right. get ready for a lot of that stuff. why the nba struggles kron is nursing. they rented a helicopter tonight and went to baker beach to honor kron. it is amazing. all i can do is say i love you
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too. it was our photographer borned. it was dan ruben who painted my name in the sand. >> just for eternity. good night everybody. the other airline guilty uys found of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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